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Computer Support:
We have extensive experience with all kinds of computers and operating systems. We specialize in Windows, Mac OS and hardware support. We will do our best to get your Linux environment running optimally. Please contact us with your issue and we will help!

Computer Building:
Not only can we fix computers, we can plan and build custom computers to your specifications to perfectly meet your needs and/or specialized application. Contact us for more information!

Software Development:
YoRe Inc. is now happy to offer custom software development services!
Please propose your project to us and we will provide a quote and timeframe!

Audio/Visual Services:
YoRe Inc has experience with sound and lighting equipment for musicals, plays and other kinds of performance. We will do our best to adapt to your needs and provide our exceptional YoRe Inc service!

Graphic & Web Design:
Email us with your graphic and/or web design projects! We will work with you to create a beautiful design that fits your needs.

& Everything Else!:
If you have something else you think we could help with, just let us know!